Francesca Semprini Location is a location search and proposal agency, specialising in fashion and design photo shoots, with important collaborations with national and international brands.

The company was founded by the architect Francesca Semprini, who in 2000 started a business searching for locations for photo shoots and design furniture and fashion events.

Her portfolio, always up-to-date on current trends, includes particular and character locations, carefully selected outside institutional circuits and a wide range of types: open-space, showrooms, modern and vintage architectures. The selection also includes art galleries, industrial spaces and unusual architectures.

The portfolio which can be consulted on the website is only a selection of the available locations and possible proposals.

For more targeted searches, other solutions complete with images and more detailed technical information can also be made available.

We offer a 360° service ranging from helping in the selection of the most suitable locations, to organisation and contact with photographers. So, you can contact us for any search, but also for simple requests for information.


We are always on the look-out for new locations, to propose your space, you can contact us or send us your photographic material: [email protected]


Location milano

agenzia location

agenzia location milano

Lombardia, Italia

location manager, milano, Lombardia, Italia

location per scatti fotografici

location, eventi

location scouting

spazi per realizzazione shoot, video, spot televisivi, locations, pubblicità

selezione location

promozione location

temporary location

noleggio temporaneo

archivio location

portfolio location

Spazi appartamenti in affitto in Lombardia,Italia

location manager, Milano, Lombardia, Italia

location per scatti fotografici

location, eventi

location scouting televisivi, locations,


selezione location

promozione location

Temporary location

archivio location

portfolio location

stile loft , epoca, moderno,

Noleggio spazi

Affitto spazi

Showroom/eventi /pressday

Location Design /Moda/ Interior

Location particolari

Location insolite

Spazi insoliti

Spazi per eventi, shooting, spot, temporary

appartamenti per spot e servizi fotografici

Settimana della moda

Salone del Mobile Fuori salone

location per design week

location per fashion week

Ricerca Location

nuove location

set organization, allestimenti set designer, stylist, fotografo, showrooms, eventi, presentazioni, sfilate, design, moda, architettura, loft, open space, ville, dimore storiche, spazi industriali, giardini, piscine, lago, esterni, gallerie d’arte, atelier, laboratori vintage, classico, moderno,contemporaneo, total white, cemento a vista, soppalchi, vetrate, mattoni, carta da parati

new spaces

rent spaces



Unique space

Unusual Spaces

Spaces for events, shooting, spot

Temporary rent, Temporary spaces

Appartment for spot and photo shooting

Fashion Week

Design week

Location for Design week

Location for Fashiorn Week

location scouting

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Milan location

Location agency

Milan location Agency

Spaces apartment, rent Lombardia, Italia

Location manager, Milano, Lombardia, Italia

Location for photo shooting

Location for events

Location for tv spot, Location for advertising

Selection location

Location promotion

Temporary location

Location archive

portfolio location

loft, historical, modern style